Saturday, February 1, 2014

Incubating MobileIron

In 2007, we worked very closely with Ajay Mishra, Suresh Batchu and Bob Tinker to found and incubate MobileIron at Storm Ventures.  The three are perfect complementary founders.  Ajay, in his understated manner, excels at understanding the customer's real pains and needs and making the customers comfortable.  He perfected the formula at Airespace. Suresh came highly recommended from one of our portfolio CEO's as a great architect, a builder of high-volume products and a leader of engineering teams.  Today, thousands of MobileIron customers and millions of users depend on his product.  Also from Airespace, I knew Bob as a Go-To-Market genius (similar to Bill Walsh perfecting the West Coast offense) and someone who can close the impossible strategic deal.  Together, they identified the market need, architected a solution and developed a Go-To-Market strategy.  

During that period, Bob commented:  "We spent six months talking to customers before we wrote a line of code.  As a result, we deeply understood the challenges customers were facing with mobility, and we built MobileIron to solve that problem."

Bob Tinker later shared his experiences about being incubated at Storm at our 2010 LP meeting:  MobileIron Incubation Presentation

Incubation, although important, is merely the beginning of a long journey.  We have been fortunate to add the right employees, right investors, right Go-To-Market partners, and right ecosystem partners.

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