Friday, January 10, 2014

The Power of a Happy Customer

Someone sent me a blog link on the power of one happy customer.

TechCrunch writes about Evernote's Close Call:  Just 3 Weeks of Cash Left During the 2008 Financial Crisis:  "With two weeks left of funding, Libin made the painful decision to shut down Evernote and fire everyone....  But then something just short of a miracle happened.  A passionate Evernote user [emphasis added] from Sweden dialed him up. He told Libin that he had been using the product for two months. He said it had changed his life — it had made him happier and more organized....  The user, who asked to remain unnamed, went on to offer some investment."

This is obviously an extreme example of a Happy Customer.

More importantly, focusing on Happy Customers helps drive the initial customer traction. Some related posts:

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