Sunday, January 12, 2014

Revenge of the Clones; Rise of GQ -- Part II

Back in April last year, I wrote a blog post on the potential rise of the smartphone clones based on the Google and Qualcomm (the GQ Platform).  See Revenge of the Clones.  This resembles the PC industry, where the ultimate winners were the PC clones based on Windows and Intel (the WinTel Platform).

A major Korean newspaper (the ChosunIlbo) recently published an article, called:  "Cheap Chinese Smartphones Put Limit on Samsung's Presence [in China]."  The article says:  "In the market for budget models, Lenovo, Coolpad and Xiaomi are releasing smartphones for around 1,000 yuan -- prices at which Samsung cannot compete. Despite their cheap price, the specifications of the Chinese smartphones are not very different from high-end models released by Samsung or Apple."  Samsung had 19% market share in Q3 2013, versus the Chinese competitors:  Lenovo (10.9%), Coolpad (8.7%), Huawei (8.2%) and Xiaomi (5.1%).  

Could the same happen in the United States?  Especially, if the users just want to run Google applications (or 3rd party applications from the Google store) on Qualcomm hardware.

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