Saturday, September 7, 2013

SaaS Success I -- Easy

At Jason Lemkin’s SaaStr social, I met several SaaS founders who asked me what is the key to my successful SaaS investments (such as EchoSign/sold to Adobe and Marketo/IPO).

I said one word:  “Easy”

I learned that from my first SaaS investment, which has been my largest loss to date.  I learned that the key to SaaS is to “make it easy.”  That learning led to my 2nd SaaS investment (EchoSign) and 3rd SaaS investment (Marketo).
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  1. Great post. This is the vision - make it easy - we had when we started Workspot more than a year ago. A year and a few months later, we are there!

    We had started with a LEUR strategy. But our first set of customers (in the 500-5000 employee range) are placing initial orders of 100-150 users. And they are signing multiple year contracts. Have you seen SaaS companies with similar metrics?